Connect Success


I've uploaded a copy of my slide deck and refactored and uploaded my project repository to GitHub; the instructions there do it justice enough to get started with.



IBM Connect 2016 is in full swing and I'm enjoying the sessions I've attended, some of the news announced from some of the IBM talent that has presented, and even had a good time at my session.

My Session

Thank you to everyone that came to my session; we had a decent turn out. The promise of an "amazing demo" was, I hope, mostly true. The one thing that went wrong was, in the final demo (the most amazing one), I managed to goof up the state of my demo app through moving through my git history. Navigating back and forth made sense... in theory, but it led to just enough complication with my ODP syncing to derail things slightly. I recovered for the most part and was able to show off most of what I wanted to, but I decided to throw together something to show it all working together, in harmony, here in a quick video.



I expect that I'll be compiling a more complete video for submission for Notes in 9 in the near future; stay tuned for that. Until next time, have a great remainder of IBM Connect 2016, 🍻!