A Video on Servlets

I'm on Notesin9!

As a video counterpart to the my series on servlets, my first submitted Notesin9 video has gone live. This serves my interests in two ways:

  1. it's an alternative to reading my (occasionally quite lengthy) blog posts; reading isn't for everyone
  2. it lets me give back to the same community that helped me not sink in my foray into Domino/XPages development

A Community That Cares

I've mentioned before a great love of the XPages development community. There are a number of others who have been at this far longer than I who have aided my adoption of Domino/XPages in a way I didn't expect. Several months ago, David Leedy called for those with something to contribute to do so, as he periodically does in his plugs before and after the demos of the Notesin9 videos, and it struck home. I was starting to hit a stride in what I've been developing as the development plan for our how we conduct web app development here, and I thought what I had to share might be worthwhile. Some of my blogs posts have been mixed, those I wish to one day revisit and be a bit clearer on, some have been pretty excellent. In the end, I just hope they help a couple people out and maybe help give a base line on things like servlets for our community to reference.

Bottom line, I hope for this to be only the first of the content I contribute to Notesin9, my blog, GitHub, and elsewhere. I ask you to do as Dave suggests and follow the example of many set before us; if you have content to contribute, please do so. We're only made better by our communal efforts.

A Quick Note

David Leedy said some horrendously nice things about me I'd like to clear up. I'm generally a good guy, and I like to keep things relatively clean online, but if you get to know me you'll find I have a crazy sense of humor (the downside to being a veteran and having worked in emergency medicine) and can come across strong; this is why I value and seek humility.

That being said, I may sound smart on occasion, I tend to know what I know and be aware of what I don't, I will never claim to be the smartest person in any room. I value intelligence in all its forms, from raw knowledge to deductive reasoning or plain and simple critical thinking. I also have the great advantage of being a (relatively new) member of an excellent community, which has a number of greatly talented members, who by far out shine my abilities, and I'm happy to be counted among them.

A Promise

I'll get an external microphone by the time I record my next Notesin9 video.

My Company

As David mentioned, I work for an IBM customer. I don't usually chuck my company's name around. My company is privately held, a fourth-generation family owned business, headquartered in Appleton, WI, and all around an excellent company to work for. My company is The Boldt Company, which just finished celebrating its 125th year in operation and we provide construction management and services to many across the country and have done and continue to do some international work.

I will likely continue to not talk about my company a whole lot, as while they're great to work for, I'm one of now two web developers (we're up to 2!) we have on staff; so there's not a lot of web development overlap excepting my own work.