Notes in 9: Highlights From My IBM Connect Session


I'm on Notes in 9 again. This time, I'm back with a video highlighting my session from IBM Connect. I tried to make things easier as far as the time frame, but it's still got a bit of a runtime to it; before submitting it to David Leedy, it came in at 29 minutes and 55 seconds, and that's after I trimmed down every loading screen or dependency install (of which there were a few).

The Video

Head over to Notes in to check it out, or watch it embedded here or on YouTube.


In my opinion, this helps to complete part of the greater picture of a developer's workflow. It brings in some advanced tooling to assist the developer which, once set up, makes the repetitive tasks far more manageable and consistent. There will be more on the themes of task runners and project scaffolding in the future, but until then, 🍻.

Also, I've been accepted to speak at MWLUG in August in Austin, TX. I look forward to seeing a bunch of old faces and hopefully some new ones. I'll be expanding on the topics from this Notes in 9, aiming to demonstrate the breadth of options available to us once we "take the plunge" and embrace the XPages runtime, the NSF as an application container and managed security model, with Domino as the server. This decoupling leaves plenty of doors open and I hope to show off a bit more of what's possible in the front-end JavaScript space, which has been exploding over the last couple of years. I hope to see you there. 🍻