Notes in 9: Nginx + PageSpeed


I'm on Notes in 9 again. This time, I'm back with a highlights tour of my MWLUG session. The subject is using Nginx as a reverse proxy in front of Domino, in combination with Google PageSpeed, to performance enhance your application, offload HTTPS certificate handling, and apply additional features to potentially improve your users' experience. I've talked about my session before, though I fear some people have missed out because it sounded to be a session a bit on the "admin" side of things; while it does toe that line, this is content relevant to every developer that cares about the full stack of their application, so please check it out.

The Video

Head over to Notes in to check it out, or watch it embedded here or on YouTube. Also, I "broke" Notes in 9! I have the first episode in the category of "Other Tech", which is, in my opinion, awesome.

Slides and Sample Config Source

As is my usual, you can find my source configs and slide deck on GitHub and you can find my slide deck on SlideShare.