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I Want It All

It'll all be there. Me, some awesome development stuff, geeky references, and a round house kick demonstration of using:

  • Java controller classes
  • RESTful servlets
  • AngularJS
  • Bootstrap 3

My Original Abstract

Before the reduction, due to character limit, my abstract read as:

From Soup to Sandwich: Making MVC Java classes and front-end development work for you


Covering the (best) practices of MVC Java patterns, with Domino, while utilizing a front-end / AngularJS application with Bootstrap 3 to create an interface that performs great across browsers and devices, enforces application logic on the server, and makes your interface compete with the big dogs.

  • that last part may be slightly conceited, but I'll be using AngularJS to show-off browser implementation and it's a Google library
  • this is meant to be a basic level walk through of MVC, client/front-end development against a RESTful servlet, and adaptive interfaces for a modern and relevant application development strategy
  • any component can be easily used, making for individual developer-opinionated use
MVC patterns
  • an intro to enforce the concepts while focusing on RESTful interaction via a Java servlet in Domino (not a deep dive into MVC)
  • which enforces application logic through controller classes
  • vs CRUD-only operations of Domino Data services
  • why to "trust" or not your user base (DDS allowing all input, which can break a view, etc. vs servlet approach)
AngularJS framework as an interface to a Domino/XPages application
  • application will be simple, extend a modified copy of David Leedy's Fake Names NSF, for simplicity's sake
  • implements a custom Bootstrap 3 theme
  • show how to use with XPages (intro level)
  • highlight the framework's abilities and strengths (dynamically updating charting)
  • brings together several concepts into one harmonious application
  • application uses the best of each part to the advantage of the whole, demonstrating flexibility of Domino/XPages latform
  • amount of developer control is high, making for easy adoption
  • segregation of multi-developer implementation is quite possible; e.g.- can use front-end AngularJS, or whichever framework-specialized, developer Marketing to control Bootstrap3 theming via CSS Domino / Java developer to control Controller classes and application logic or you can go insane and do it all